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Past Dogs


Ch. Monlaird Lady Of The Lake

Sire: Ch/NZ Ch Kiwi Murphy Of Clan-Abby
Dam: Ch Monlaird Highland Mist

Lady was a once in a life time dog. She was my heart and soul and the most loyal companion. I had Lady for 14.5 years and she was the one thing that kept me going through some really tough times. I will always be thankful to Tina Button for allowing me to have the most perfect dog in the world. Lady produced 2 champion progeny to 2 different sires and 2 champion grand progeny from 2 separate litters. Lady's beautiful temperament was passed on through the generations.


Ch. Yarrancoly Rock The Casbah

Sire: Yarrancoly Bring It On 
Dam: Ch Yarrancoly Rox Y Sox

Clash is jointly owned with Janice Baldwin from Yarrancoly Border Collies. Clash gained her championship title easily and gained her herding instinct certificate. She is a beautiful dog inside and out and is super loyal to her humans. She had 2 beautiful litters for us, one was to our very first imported semen venture from Am Grand Ch Adventures Of Calder Mountainman. This litter produced Boomer.


Ch. Danari Dream Thnite Away

Sire: Ch Danari Doctor McDreamy
Dam: Ch Danari Danceth Niteaway

Alex is our sweet girl from Danari. She came to us as a 12 month old and titled in 6 weeks. She is a Best in Group winner and has won multiple Runner-up Best in Group awards. Alex is most known for her contribution in the whelping box. Producing numerous champions and consistently producing her type. Her type is still seen many generations down from her.


Ch. Wynnlake Ryde The Rhapids

Sire: Sup Ch Taerlin Bohemianrhapsody
Dam: Ch Wynnlake Midnight Whisper

Ryder took me on a wild ride. Being my second generation down from my beloved Lady, with the strength of Yarrancoly and Taerlin to back him, he is a multiple Best in Show winner, too many runner up in shows wins to remember and ticked all the boxes required to gain his Supreme champion title minus the points. He was retired on 850 points due to my lack of interest in the show ring at the time and the most perfect home coming along for Ryder.


Sup Ch. Taerlin Bohemian Rhapsody

Sire: Ch Goodwill Toucan Tango
Dam: Taerlin Hide And Seek

Rhap came to me as a 7 year old on 200 odd points to campaign to his Supreme title. He went back to Terry a couple of years later on 982 points and 1 group shy of his supreme title, as I was moving to a residential property and couldn't take him with me. Terry took him out to his local show and finished his title with a Best in Group. I was thrilled to give Terry the opportunity to finish him off.
Rhap was a Best in Show winner and Runner-Up in Show winner and was an brilliant dog to show.


Ch. Bordalace Theme For The Dream HSAs ET

Sire: Ch Bordalace Private Benjamin
Dam: Ch Bordalace Foryoreyesonly

Tyson was one of my first show dogs and first herding dog. We learnt a lot together. In the show ring Tyson won multiple Best in Group awards, multiple Runner-up in Group awards and retired from the ring on 780 points.
Tyson was a natural worker, gaining his HT and PT with ease. He completed his HSAs without me needing be there, he knew the course well enough that he just did it and all under 2 minutes each time. Unfortunately his desire to not include me in his routine and my novice handling meant we couldn't go any further in that field. 
Tyson sired a few litters, where he produced a consistent type, similar to himself. He has 2 champion progeny.

Billie 2.jpg

Ch. Wynnlake Midnight Whisper

Sire: Ch Yarrancoly Make My Day
Dam: Ch Monlaird Lady Ofthe Lake

Billie was from my first litter with Lady to the gorgeous Clint. She was a late bloomer, and entered the show ring competitively for the first time when she was 3. She gained her championship quite steadily at this point quite often being expertly handled by Nadine Siemon. She even won a Runner-up Best in Group. Not bad for a girl who didn't like the show ring.
Billie had one litter, which produced our gorgeous Ryder.


Ch. Wynnlake Stare and Whisper

Sire: Ch Yarrancoly Make My Day
Dam: Ch Monlaird Lady Ofthe Lake

Tyra was also from my first litter, she was a very different type to Billie and had lots of qualities I liked, so I kept them both. Tyra went to live with my mum around 12 months of age, so wasnt shown after that, but she did have one litter, which produced 1 champion.


Ch. Wynnlake Take It All

Sire: Tookurra Diamonz R Blue
Dam: Wynnlake Stare And Whisper

Adele was a small package, but a little firecracker. She titled with ease and had one litter to Tyson. We discontinued the line after this and placed Adele is a wonderful pet home.


Ch. Wynnlake Born Ready

Sire: Sup ch/Am Grand Ch Bordalace Flash N Dash
Dam: Ch Danari Dream Thnite Away

Tikah was my heart break puppy. Once you reach perfection, there's really nowhere to go from there! And her genetics made that decision for us.
Tikah started her show career in Adelaide, then went to Angela Sime in Brisbane to finish her title as I was working most weekends and didnt have the energy to do it myself. Tikah is a multi Best in Group winner, the most loyal and sweet girl and my dream dog.


Ch. Wynnlake Makin Dreams

Sire: Grand Ch Showioz Makin Waves
Dam: Ch Danari Dream Thnite Away

My sweet Frankie, I didn't have the pleasure of titling her as I wasn't showing much at the time. Angela Sime kindly took her for me and finished her title in 6 short weeks including a Best in Group award. Frankie along with Gidget have become the backbone of our breeding program with most of our youngsters coming down from them. A line that produces consistent type and quality. Frankie had 2 litters under the Wynnlake prefix and 1 under Fairenvy. Frankie now lives with my cousin in QLD where she is given the best life she could ever want.


Wynnlake My Shout

Sire: Ch/UK Show Ch Danari De Beers
Dam: Ch Danari Dream Thnite Away

Stella was from our first litter with Alex to the stunning Sylvester. She was the only girl in a litter of 2 pups. Stella didn't have much of a show career as she was placed in a pet home as a youngster, but she did come back to us for 2 stunning litters. She produced 2 champions and our Gidget. 


Ch. Wynnlake Bachelor Boy 

Sire: Ch Bordalace Theme For A Dream HSAs ET
Dam: Ch Monlaird Lady Ofthe Lake

Hugh was owned and loved by Kirsty Smith in QLD and produced some gorgeous puppies for her kennel. Hugh came to live with me for 6 months, where he gained his champion title with ease, picking up numerous Best in Group and Runner-up Best In Group awards. He has the most amazing temperament, the sweetest boy, nothing phases him. He is always happy and always squeaking. Hugh has been desexed and placed in a pet home where he has a fantastic life. 


Braeloch Wynn Lake Of Dreams

Sire: Ch/NZ Ch Tambovale Lord Nova
Dam: Braeloch Secret Liason

 When I first started out, my goal was to show a quality chocolate. I waited 11 years to get my first. I was very lucky to get Rogue from Kay Dawson in Vic. Rogue was from 2 black and white parents and there were 3 choc girls in the litter. It was a dream come true. Rogue had a limited show career due to me not showing much at the time. She picked up a Reserve Challenge and Minor in Group award at her first show under the late Joan Bray. She was only shown a couple more times after that, and always did well. 
Rogue had 2 litters for us and excelled in what she produced, 2 champions and another 3 girls who are making their impact in the whelping box. I didn't retain this bitch line at the time, but I have been kindly gifted the chance to have a litter from 2 of the girls in other kennels, which I am very thankful for.

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